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RP Practice

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WELCOME TO RP PRACTICE! As the name implies, this community is for the purpose of practicing your roleplaying. If you feel like you're having trouble with a character's voice, this is (hopefully) the place for you!
Here's how it works: You post as your character -- you may specify in an OOC note whether you're looking for crit regarding a specific issue, or are just testing the voice out and would like general crit. Other people will reply to you, and give you a chance to gain more experience with playing the character without getting judged. Ideally, at least one person will know the canon your character is from, and can provide you with crit while threading with you -- whether if it's in OOC notes as you play, or in one comment after the thread ends. For organization's sake, it is recommended that when you make a post, you should reply to it yourself first with a "crit here" comment, so that other people can put down all their crit in that thread.

Isn't that great?
1. Be polite when giving crit. We are not asking you to sugarcoat everything, but presenting your crit as senseless bashing isn't going to make anyone want to accept it. Remember -- the people who post here want to improve, and acknowledge they're not the best they could be. Telling someone "lolol you suck" or anything of the sort will not be accepted.

2. As for the other side of the equation -- handle crit maturely. By posting here, you are opening yourself to crit, so don't throw a fit when you actually get it. Even if you don't entirely agree with crit you've been given, discuss it with the other player like two civilized people, and don't go "I don't agree, your crit is invalid, now get out". Explain your views on the subjects you've been criticized on, and ask the other player to do the same if you feel it is needed.

There is no determined setting, nor is there a set format. Do whatever works best for you -- whether it's a first-person post of your character hanging around a blank white space, or a third-person log post of them fishing in the jungle, whatever. It's all good!

Also, don't forget to tag your characters' posts according to the canon they're from!

If you have any suggestions, ideas or complaints to the mods -- whether it is about how the community is run or about a specific issue (problematic players, etc), head over to THE SUGGESTION BOX and let us hear it!

Good luck and have fun!
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